Common Problem
Cross-industry Alliance FAQ (Q1、After sending a cooperative request, how long do I have to wait for your reply?)

It takes approximately 20 business days for us to gather all information and reply you.

Cross-industry Alliance FAQ (Q2、Do you only accept those displayed categories? Are they limited in Handbags?)

All categories of materials are very welcome to collaborate with us, to create a win-win situation

Cross-industry Alliance FAQ (Q3、What’s the benefit if my company cross-industry alliance with CoLab?)

As a professional illustration agency platform, not only do we provide a higher add-on value to your product, but help you to match up with potential clients by our abundant experiences in doing business domestically and internationally with a lot of worldwide brands.

Refunds and Returns FAQ (Q1、How do I request a return of product domestically?)
  1. Instead of product exchanging, we only accept product return. (Product exchanging is only accepted if the products are defected or delivery issues which attribute to us)

  2. We only refund the exact amount of expanse on the quotation.

  3. Returned products should be wrapped completely with all accessories as shipped-out, and free of effect on secondary selling; if the products were packaged in cartons or other requested wrapping ways should be intact as you received it; if the packages are damaged that will cause a charge for extra fees.

  4. Members’ rights shall be protected by The Consumer Protection Law for 7 days guarantee; however, it is not for trial, if the returned products are completely damaged, it will cause an effect on clients’ return rights.

  5. Separately returns of promotional-product-package are unacceptable.

  6. It takes 7-10 business days to complete products return process.

  7. If the products were not defected, please go to Members→Inquiries→Returns, to apply for product returns, and the Client should send back the product to CoLab (No.41, Industrial Park 21 Rd, Taichung City 408, Taiwan R.O.C.)

  8. 7 days guarantee starts counting after signing for acceptance packages, if defected products were found, please take photos and send to customer service e-mail address: , leave member account, order numbers and contact phone numbers. If the products are determined as defects, the member shall receive response via e-mail.

Refunds and Returns FAQ (Q2、Product Return Process)

★Please make sure the product is complete – Apply for product return in 7 guarantee days on CoLab website – Check the returning product – Send off the returning product within 3 days to the address: No.41, Industrial Park 21 Rd, Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.) – Client will receive reply via e-mail

★If the product is not defected, the client will receive the refunds of the amount purchased; if the product is defect, the client will receive whole refunds and CoLab pays for delivery fees.

Refunds and Returns FAQ (Q3、Why isn’t my return request accepted?)

Your return request will not be accepted if CoLab detects the following situations, Customer Service Specialist will contact the Client and cancel the return.

  1. When receive product, the accessories such as hangtags have been removed, CoLab can reject to accept the request.
  2. Overdue 7 days guarantee.
  3. The product has been used or had odors.
  4. We usually give customers electronic invoices. If your products with paper invoices and would like to apply return products, please return your products with the paper one.
  5. Free gifts.
  6. Socks and personal items
Refunds and Returns FAQ (Q4、Do I have to pay delivery expanses for products return?)

For goods which are not defective, we will only refund the purchase amount($) of goods returned, shipping fees for returning goods will not be included.

For Defective goods, refund includes the total order amount($), and also shipping fees for returning goods. Refund will be saved to your member account.

Refunds and Returns FAQ (Q5、How do I receive my refunds?)

After we confirm the product, we will refund you the shopping coupon and inform you via E-mail. You can check the account online by logging in the website. If you pay for it with credit card, we will refund the amount back to your credit card. Please check your bill.

Refunds and Returns FAQ (Q6、How do I apply for refunds? How long will the process spend?)

If you would like to change shopping coupon into cash, please give us your member account, the amount of product, bank name, and account name.

We will finish the refund after receiving your apply in five days.

★The refund charges fee are on _____ account. 

Invoices FAQ (Q1、What are Electronic Invoices (E-invoices)?)

According to the approval of the Competent Authority that an institution can issue E-invoices

-       Approved by:

-       Approval number:

-       Approved date:

The procedure of E-invoices is as follows:

Invoices FAQ (Q2、What do I do if I win the Taiwan Receipt Lottery?)

On 26th of each odd month, CoLab will automatically claim and notify the members who win the Taiwan Receipt Lottery. The winning invoices will be sent to the address registered of the order within 5 business days, and delivery time is estimated 2-3 business days. If you don’t receive the winning invoices by 10th of the next month, please contact us again.

To change the delivery address of the winning invoices, please reply to __________ within 5 days. If not submitting the request, the winning invoices will be delivered to the address registered of the order.

Invoices FAQ (Q3、Can I claim prizes with invoices I download and print from Order Information?)
  1. According to the Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices, claiming prizes must use the original invoice.
  2. An invoice has only one original, the printed one from Order Information is for reference only, which is not acceptable in claiming prizes.
  3. Other relevant awards use should be obeyed in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Use of Uniform Invoices.

★As a friendly reminder: If you have any further questions regarding claiming prizes, please refer to E-invoices Platform’s FAQ section, Ministry of Finance, R.O.C., or call the 24 hours Toll-free Services, 0800-521-988

Customized Products FAQ (Q1、How to operate CoLab simulator to imitate a product?)
Customized Products FAQ (Q2、Customization Service Process)

Customized Products FAQ (Q3、How long does it take for customize a product?)

Customization goods will take about 30 to 45 working days to reach after you place an order, while in stock printing takes around 7 to 14 working days to reach.

Customized Products FAQ (Q4、What can I do if I want to customize my unique handbags, but I am not good at designing?)

Colab has a team of signup illustrator, you can choose any illustrations from their collection. Colab also has a co-design company, Coro Design, to help make your imaginations come true.

Customized Products FAQ (Q5、How long do I have to wait for response after sending an inquiry?)

We will have our sales representatives to contact you in 1 to 2 days to discuss relevant matters with you. (Weekend and national holidays are not included.)

Illustration Agency Collaboration FAQ (Q1、What is customization process?)
Illustration Agency Collaboration FAQ (Q2、How long do I have to wait for response after sending an inquiry?)
Our representatives will contact you in 1 to 2 weeks.
Illustration Agency Collaboration FAQ (Q3、What if my illustration doesn’t belong to the current categories?)

Colab is keen to work with different style’s illustrators, and you are welcome to join us by filling in the recruiting form.

Illustration Agency Collaboration FAQ (Q4、Why should I choose CoLab rather than other illustration agencies?)

Colab not only provides illustrative agency service, but also provides design, production, quality control, marketing, and after-sales services.

Colab is a subsidiary of Alliance Group, who was based in Taiwan and with 40 years of history, had worked with a number of well-known domestic and international manufacturers. We have a lot of experience in working with other companies, so we can bring more exposure to your art pieces and help accumulate your visibility in a short time.

Illustration Agency Collaboration FAQ (Q5、How does CoLab protect my Intellectual Property Right?)