The great leap forward of industry-university cooperation with Brigham Young University-Hawaii


            Recently, the representatives of Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Geoffrey Lewis and Fraser Chao visited Alliance Holding Group, Taiwan, for the cooperation of international research, internship and job opportunities. Alliance has been dedicated to industry-university cooperation of all time, moreover, this project, featured in profession,, multi-dimension, and wide scale in academic area..

About BYU-Hawaii

           BYU-Hawaii has the greatest number of international students among all Brigham Young Universities, making BYU-Hawaii one of the competitive universities globally. As being the most diversified and international university in America, BYU-Hawaii has excellent performance in international business, innovative design and multimedia design.

About the industry-university cooperation project

          Not only did Alliance has learnt excellent capabilities of BYU students, but also eager to bring more diversities and international perspectives into the organization through permitting more interns with American educational backgrounds. Meanwhile, representatives of BYU-Hawaii were really impressed and appreciated with the integrity of Alliance’s personnel training programs; therefore, they look forward to having long-term cooperation in the future and offering more job opportunities for Taiwanese students.

About Alliance Holding Group

         Personnel Training is an essential part of Alliance’s development over the past few years.. Alliance has already signed contracts with lots of educational institutions, providing students various internship opportunities. “We hope to foster more talented personnel by offering these opportunities and training programs that enable every single intern to acquire sufficient resources and make the best use of their potentials.” Says Josh Chang, Vice President of Alliance Holding Group.

        From this project, Alliance ound the principle of treasuring talented personnel is correspond with BYU-Hawaii; accordingly, firmly believe and have positive expectation toward the project, both sides are looking forward to the implementation of industry-university cooperation project in the coming future.