Bulk’s brand new website: CoLab E-commerce platform officially lauched


            Alliance has not only been focusing on improving products’ quality but enhancing perspective of services in recent years; besides, Alliance is actively engaged in illustration agency, after a year of planning, a brand new cross-border E-commerce platform, CoLab has officially launched.

In addition to improve the product quality and enhance our customized services continuously, Alliance also promotes illustrator agent actively. After one year for planning, a new cross-border E-commerce platform, CoLab, is officially online.

About CoLab

           CoLab keeps the former service mode of mass customization and optimizes the system interface to display a more convenient and better user experiences. Besides, CoLab adds diversified channels for commercial illustration, designer collections, and cross-industry alliance with different industrial suppliers, that satisfies all kinds of clients’ demands.



About Illustration agency

         Illustration agency is one of top priorities among Alliance's recent development. In short, our goal is to enable illustrators to concentrate on artworks as well as improve their efficiency and effectiveness; In the meantime, we provide services for illustrators to assist them in marketing, promoting and etc. Considering that there are so many talented illustrators who are lack of stages and opportunities to approach wider groups of people, Alliance therefore has decided to establish an advertising platform, which is going to particularly server those illustrators. We hope to leverage the massive network that our organization has built to help our client bringing in more and more market values. Our existing clients scatter in all kinds of industries, including educational institutions, government organizations, and several prestigious enterprises. If we can convert illustrators’ creativities into physical products, it would turn into boost exposure rate and popularities of illustrators


          Alliance is currently collaborating with a couple of talented illustrators. Expecting to utilize B2B platforms to enhance illustrators' exposure rates; we also promote their products in both domestic and international e-commerce platforms by sending EDMs. In the future, we look forward to letting more people recognize about these illustrators by attending international exhibitions.