Week of Christmas, a Must-Visit store for Hipsters!


In order to promote the surrounding tourism industry of Baguashan Buddha and to activate the Creative Bazaars , the Changhua County Government has launched the “2017 Guahan Family Carnival” series events every weekends starts from 9th of September for a period of a month. The Guashan Grand Buddha is the most distinctive tourist landmark in Changhua County, but after the opening festivities of the “Sky Walk”, tourism has gradually retreated; looking forward to attracting tourists via arts, foods and magic shows, connecting with the surrounding tourists to actively expand the tourism market.

Among the booths, one of CoLab’s illustrators, Miya’s studio, is also located in the Creative Bazaar! Miya just returned from U.S.A last Octobe, through a series of coincidences, she made a connection with CoLab and began to cooperate with it. “I was most impressed by the brand new ecommerce platform during the process of contact.” Miya said, in addition to promoting its illustrators, CoLab is also actively expanding the overseas markets. This is the most important perspective that Miya concerns.

CoLab’s Curator Team also spent the weekend and visited Miya’s studio at the store of Bandit Leather CRAFT in Guashan Creative Bazaar. Bandit Leather CRAFT is a store mainly produces leather products. Although the owner's - Bandit Zhang looks rough but has a gentle heart, the store displays a number of exquisite leather items, all made from the hands of Bandit Zhang! And Miya’s studio lies in the second floor of the store, where many illustrations have been placed on the shelf. Among them, the most impressive thing for the Curator Team is Miya’s “Triangle-lize Your Cats” activity on her Facebook Fans Page, fans only have to upload the photos their cats. Miya will draw illustrations portraits according to the characteristics of the cats, each of them is unique and makes your heart melts.  


The store is not only full of artistic atmosphere but also coziness! Join CoLab’s footstep to participate in Guashan Creative Market and enjoy the local cultures!