Meet CoLab at Sweet Market!

February is a lively and warm month, not only it’s a month for families’ reunions, but also a month of sweet Valentine’s Day! During the lovely time, Huashan1914 Creative Park teams up with Ishands to host a three-day bazaar “Sweet Market” on Valentine’s Day’s eve, during the event, CoLab will be attending the event with its illustrators!

“Sweet Market” is the first bazaar that CoLab has participated in. From the preparation to illustrator activities, CoLab put a lot of efforts into the event! At the bazaar, there will be illustrators selling peripheral products, in addition, CoLab also invited five of its illustrators: Zoe, High Yeah, Happy To Be Round, Miya and Gungho Girl to perform Illustration Portraits from different styles.

Haven’t got any ideas of gifts for Valentine’s Day? Come to “Sweet Market” to find CoLab ~ Welcome fans to support your favorite illustrators!