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"Pick up your painting brushes. Let's spread love and peace to the world together!" Miya likes to leave the mysterious messages with her brushes. Leaving secrets in her illustrations, one can find surprises everywhere.

Illustrator - Miya

"If I can't reach where I would like to go, I will create that place by illustrations." By creating colorful illustrations with watercolor painting and pencil sketch, Zoe brings happiness in everyone’s lives with colorful dreams.

Illustrator – Zoe

"Record all moods in life with witty illustration and imaginations."

High Yeah is an imaginative girl with strange logics. She loves novel things, but always has immutable habits. Sometimes weary, and sometimes full of hope, she loves to record little things in lives.

CoLab, integrates Taiwan’s potential Illustrators, utilizing Culture and Creativity to increase add-on values of products. Established in less than 2 years, CoLab is the largest illustration agency platform in Taiwan and growing rapidly. Not only did CoLab proactively expand to international market, CoLab also attended “Giftionery Taipei 2018” from April 19th to 22nd with sister brand – BULK.

“Giftionery Taipei ”is the most historical exhibition in Taiwan; in recent years, driven by the trend of cultural and creative development, it also added Brand Licensing and Rising Star zones. CoLab will be attending the exhibition through Art Licensing with a well-known sister brand, BULK, which will add extra benefits to the brand and inspire different sparks!

Press Reference: https://style.udn.com/style/story/8076/3090749

Our hard works can be seen! Founded less than 2 years and now growing rapidly, CoLab takes potential illustrators to the global market. Special thanks to Udn Style for their recognition of the platform and the illustrators, in particular reporting CoLab, and publishing works by the popular illustrator "Miya," "Zoe," and "High Yeah!"

During Giftionary Taipei 2018, CoLab also exclusively invited the illustrators to the spot. In addition to the cultural and creative products, they will also be performing Illustration Portraits in the booth!

Come and join us !

Exhibition:Giftionery Taipei 2018
Date:4/19-22, 10:00A.M – 06:00P.M.
Location: 1st Floor, Taipei World Trade Center

Illustration Portrait Activity:

4/19-20 13:00 -17:00 Miya
4/19-22 13:00 -17:00 Kidsisland
4/20-22 13:00 -17:00 KaoRei
4/22 13:00 -17:00 High Yeah